Transformative Tango


If you can walk, you can learn to Tango!

Transformative Tango is a revolutionary approach to personal growth which uses Tango to help you grow in Mind, Body and Spirit, while strengthening your connection with your partner.

If you have always wanted to dance but feared you had two left feet, our approach will not only teach you how to dance, but also help you have fun and feel confident while you are learning. 

Transformative Tango is particularly helpful if you have difficulties with balance, co-ordination or stability as our instructor is a certified fitness instructor who will gently help you improve mobility and stamina.

Part of our approach involves learning how to manage anxiety so you can learn more easily. We also teach mindfulness techniques which will help you learn how to tame your Inner Critic.  This, coincidentally is also the way to learn how to manage depression.

Even if you are an experienced dancer, our approaches will help you improve posture, balance and those all-important elements of Tango such as the “Walk”, “Pivot” and “Embrace”.

As an added bonus, our approaches are rooted in Attachment Theory and Emotion-Focused Techniques, so this is a great environment in which to improve your communication skills and connection to your partner.

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