How Argentine Tango Can Help Your Relationship.

Wow! It’s been a busy summer so far!

I’ve been away from my blog for the past few weeks because I’ve been writing a paper about the research I have been doing in the realm of “Tango Therapy”.

Yes, that really is a thing–and it’s being practised  by therapists around the world to treat things like Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia, Depression & Anxiety.  Over the past three years, I have been contacting these practitioners, or  reading their work, in order to try to understand what it is about Argentine Tango that makes it such such a powerful medium for healing.  

In my paper, I described my research culminating with a trip to an Francisco, California, where I filmed a two-day workshop by Lucinda Hayden, who uses Argentine Tango in conjunction with Eugene Gendlin’s Focusingto promote personal growth and healing in her clients. When I got back to Canada, I made a short film called “Tango Focusing: Presence in Motion”, that documents the  impact of her workshop on its participants.

So the good news is that the paper was accepted by “Psychologica”  (the magazine of the Ontario Association of Counsellors, Consultants, Psychometrists & Psychotherapists), and it just came out this week!  You can read the paper here! (unfortunately, you will have to scroll down a bit, as I had to “share” the entire magazine).  Applications of Argentine Tango in Relational Skill Building.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen TangoFocusing: Presence in Motion, about Lucinda Hayden’s great work in this field, you can also watch it here: Tango Focusing Presence in Motion.

Thanks to everyone who participated in my research. I hope this helps to increase awareness of a new and exciting medium for personal growth and healing!

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