Treatment For Trauma

trauma therapy

Trauma, like grief, is as much in the body as it is in the mind. One cannot simply will it to go away. If we do not process trauma, we will probably develop dysfunctional ways to manage our lives, plagued by intrusive memories, feelings and thoughts. Unprocessed trauma often causes us to develop dysfunctional beliefs or behaviors we believe will keep us safe in the future (e.g. don’t wear certain clothing, don’t trust one gender or another, don’t travel by certain modes of transportation, etc.) These beliefs, and the resulting behavior can really play havoc with our lives and relationships.

For particularly intractable trauma, I also use a dynamic, short-term approach called TRAUMATIC INCIDENT REDUCTION (TIR) – A dynamic, short-term treatment which can significantly reduce the impact of all types of trauma.

I offer both In-Person and Online Psychotherapy.