Career & Workplace Issues

career and workplace issues

Work takes up a huge proportion of our waking lives and when things are not going well at our jobs we can feel stuck, depressed and hopeless.

Sometimes the problem is that we are not suited to the kind of work we are doing, but we do not know how to identify or move towards an occupation better suited to our needs, abilities and temperaments.  Other times, we are inhibited by messages we received in childhood about who we are and what kinds of work we ought to be doing.  Psychotherapy can be a safe place to explore who we are and what kind of occupation will make us happier and more fulfilled.

Sometimes people consult me because certain aspects of their jobs make them feel anxious or upset.  Perhaps they are embroiled in interpersonal conflicts with colleagues or supervisors.  With my background in Human Resources Consulting, as well as my experience in the Arts, Theatre and Public Service I am familiar with a wide variety of workplace situations and can bring new perspectives and strategies to commonly experienced issues.

I offer both In-Person and Online Psychotherapy.