Healing from Depression and Anxiety

depression and anxiety therapy

I view “Depression” as an activity rather than a state of mind. When we “depress” our feelings we create an inner tension that we experience as “Anxiety“. The more we depress our feelings, the more anxious we become. Eventually, if we depress our feelings long enough, we start to feel hopeless and defeated. This is what we experience as “depression”.

I assist my clients to break the cycle of anxiety and depression by helping them get in touch with their root experience. Once this is done, both anxiety and depression can be significantly reduced or eliminated. Anxiety comes to be seen as a positive force alerting us to the emergence of new experience. When we stop running away from our own experience, we are better able to deal with what is happening all around us in the present moment.

My clients often say that therapy gives them practical tools that help them deal with their lives.

I offer both In-Person and Online Psychotherapy.