Overcoming Grief

Most people don’t know that grief is a physiological process, involving our whole body/mind. After a major loss, many people try to soldier on, keeping a “stiff upper lip”, and trying to submerge their feelings. However, if we do this, grief simply changes form. Instead of sadness, it might feel like anger, depression, anxiety, fatigue, physical aches and pains, or even numbness. I often work with people who come into therapy not knowing that unprocessed grief is the reason their lives are stuck in a holding pattern.

One of the reasons grief can be so confusing is that people often don’t recognize when they have had a major loss. They don’t realize that grief can be induced by many things: life-threatening situations, or chronic illness, loss of a loved-one; marital breakdown, separation or divorce; loss of a job or career; loss of our physical capacities and changes in our appearance as we age. Unprocessed grief can hang on for years and prevent us from being able to move on in our lives. Talking things out can help us to see where we are stuck.

I offer both In-Person and Online Psychotherapy.