Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Marriage and Relationship Therapy


    Growing up as a sexual minority is often painful and traumatic. Those who grow up in families, communities or religions that frown on their sexual orientation or gender identity often experience guilt and self-loathing. I have helped dozens of people learn to embrace and celebrate their sexual orientation . . .

    Although the LGBTQ community has come a long way in the last few decades, there are still many aspects of their lives which are affected by sexual orientation. Coming out, with all of the self-examination and turmoil that is often involved is only the first step. Finding and maintaining relationships, and deciding how we want to live those relationships (e.g. open or closed, polyamorous or monogamous) can require a safe place for reflection and sometimes relational therapy. Decisions around childbearing, conception, pregnancy and child-rearing are also impacted by one’s sexual orientation, if only in terms of the prejudice that LGBTQ families sometimes encounter in the larger community.

     I work with people of all ages or genders who live in the LGBTQ community and who want a therapist familiar with their life issues and choices.